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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian Wedding Details; Lindsay Lohan, Serena Williams Watch Sta...


Kim Kardashian is getting married? Come here and I`ll show u the wedding video... Enjoy...!!!

Mulan ada dengar khabar-khabar angin Kim Kardashian menikah tapi ingatkan itu hanya spekulasi/lakonan yang direka-reka... Betullah Mulan oii... Patutlah dalam Channel 712 selalu ajer keluar Kim Kardashian Wedding Fairy Tale Party... Mulan lambat sikit, tertinggal keretapi.... Jemputan guests adalah seramai 450 orang sahaja... Memang tak dapatla kau... 

Congrats to both of them... Chill your life together... 

Jalan- jalan di Jalan TAR

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Walaupun cerita ni dah basi tapi Mulan nak cerita jugak... Last Sunday, kami berlima (5) g shopping di Jalan TAR... Biasalah, dah dijangka akan dibanjiri dengan rakyat Malaysia yang beribu-beribu kat sana.... We`re expected that will happened... Kami naik LRT sahaja dari Sri Petaling - Bandaraya... Kat situ kitorang mula serbu SOGO... Wah, masa sampai tu pukul 10pagi so orang tak berapa ramai lagi...

Kitorang serang setiap department... Harga dia memang berbaloi babe...!!! Compare to other supermarket memang SOGO is quite cheaper... N pilihan pun banyak sangat.... Baju branded kau boleh dapat dalam RM50-RM100 jer... Mulan pun grab jugak 3 pasang... Semua  blouse n shirt... Baju kurung Mulan tak beli pun tahun nie... Kesian gilasss... Anyway bukan taknak beli tapi baju kurung banyak sangat dah n ada tu baru ajer pakai sekali dua... Orang pun tak perasan... N my hubby pun tak beli baju Melayu pong sebab baju Melayu dia adalah 5-6 suite dan dia hanya pakai setahun sekali... So, kitorang recycle ajer... Sayang kan nak membazir benda yang sepatutnya kita boleh jimat... Ekonomi rumahtangga ni namanya.. hehe...

Back to our shopping journey at Jalan TAR... Start from SOGO- JALAN TAR- MASJID INDIA- BALIK..

masih lagi boleh tersenyum lagi 

Sinopsis journey :

SOGO - dari pukul 10am-3pm... Lama gilas kitorang kat sini mencari dan memilih/membelek benang and all...

melepak jap di luar SOGO lepas kepenatan membelek

4 of us... 1 is taking a picture

JALAN TAR - masuk ke setiap kedai yang ado....

bukak puasa kat kedai mamak tepi Sungai Klang....
dah abes berbuka...makanan marvellous babe... mamak style... nasik n gulai yang sodap...

MASJID INDIA - jalan-jalan lagi jamu mata... sambil tu grab jugak mane yang berkenan... 

12am - sampai rumah dan tiba masanya untuk bum bum... what a tiring day? but then it still a precious moment to remember... 

Giveaway Duit Raya Dari Jepun :)


Mulan jalan-jalan n jumpa blog from me to you... Actually Mulan dah lama tak blogwalking ke blog beliau... Pn frometoyou yang Mulan tau ikut suami dia ke Jepun... Dahla Jepun my favourite destination taw... Ermm,,, bestnya dapat g saner eh... Takpela, walaupun tak dpt g saner, dapat view from jauh pun jadikla...

Meh joint giveaway nieh... Click banner untuk joint...!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt....

Mulan memang suka search fact pasal fertility nieh... Actually it`s for my references.... Kat bawah nie adalah question & answer untuk mitos-mitos yang kita selalu dengar dan tak tahu kesahihan kebenarannya... Jadi, tak payah dengar orang-orang bercerita ceriti meh kita baca apa yang sebetulnya... For this time, Mulan CP ajer from Shine... n Mulan malas nak translate... ;-(

When it comes to babymaking, it seems as though everyone -- including your mother-in-law's best friend's sister -- has some insight to share. But chances are, a lot of what you hear is nonsense. "Fertility is a major part of our lives that we don't have a lot of control over," says Alice Domar, PhD, an assistant professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School. "When things don't happen the way we want, we look for explanations -- preferably something we can take direct action on -- and that's where the myths start to circulate." Check out the most common ones debunked below.

You've Heard That...Diet and Exercise Will Preserve Your Fertility

The truth: The quality of a woman's eggs declines with age regardless of how healthy she is, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University.

Some experts estimate that in 35-year-old women, approximately 1 in 2 eggs are likely to have chromosomal abnormalities; and about 90 percent of eggs are abnormal in women aged 42 or older. And with fewer viable eggs, your fertility rate declines.

Research does show, however, that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy may have fewer pregnancy-related aches and pains. Also, eating a low-fat diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help you stay at a healthy weight, which can improve your chances of getting pregnant at any age. "Overweight or obese women often have more trouble conceiving, and they're prone to developing complications such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure," says Randy Morris, MD, an associate clinical professor for the division for reproductive endocrinology at the University of Illinois Medical School in Chicago.

You've Heard That...Taking Birth Control Pills Will Make It Harder to Get Pregnant

The truth: The pill doesn't affect your fertility
. And menstrual-suppression pills (the kind you're on for months straight with no "weeks off") won't hamper your fertility either. Research shows that once you stop these pills, you'll start ovulating within three months and probably even sooner, just like with regular birth control pills. "You can start trying to get pregnant as soon as you stop taking them," says Dr. Morris. "They're so low-dose that the hormones are out of your system within a few days." In fact, the pill may have a protective effect. "It can help slow or even prevent the development of ovarian cysts and endometriosis, a condition in which uterine tissue grows outside the uterus in other organs like the fallopian tubes and ovaries," says Dr. Morris. Both cysts and endometriosis are conditions that can interfere with ovulation.

If you do have trouble getting pregnant once you stop taking the pill, it may be due to changes that have naturally occurred over time in your menstrual cycle. "Many women are on the pill for years, then go off it and find that their cycles are irregular," says Dr. Morris. "But the pill didn't cause those irregularities, it simply masked them."

You've Heard That...To Get Pregnant Quickly, You Should Have Sex Every Day
The truth: Sperm live for about 38 to 72 hours in your reproductive tract, so there's no need to, um, overload it. "I see so many people who are making their lives miserable by trying to have sex all the time," says Mark Leondires, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist and medical director of Reproductive Associates of Connecticut. Plus, having sex more than once a day for a few days in a row may reduce sperm count. "Figure out when you ovulate, and have sex every other day two to three days before and after that," he says. You ovulate approximately 14 days before you get your period: So if your cycle is 28 days, you ovulate on or around day 14. To learn more about how to tell when you're ovulating, check out, the Web site of the National Infertility Association. And relax: On average, it takes healthy couples about four to six months to get pregnant.

You've Heard That...Stress Is the Most Common Reason That Women Have Trouble Getting Pregnant

The truth: Stress may play a role
, but it's not the most common culprit (ovarian dysfunction, which means you're not ovulating regularly, is). "The data showing that stress affects fertility is very weak," says Dr. Morris. "Part of the problem is that stress is difficult to measure. There are plenty of examples in which women under immense amounts of tension conceive and deliver babies -- in wartime and after 9/11, for example." Not only that, many of the studies that examine stress and a woman's ability to get pregnant look only at patients who are undergoing fertility treatments -- which means they may have other issues affecting their fertility as well.

Here's where the stress-conception link has some validity: Stress can alter hormonal balance, which may stop some women from ovulating. Research done by Sarah Berga, MD, chair of the department of gynecology and obstetrics at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, showed that in women who were suffering from amenorrhea (not getting your period), ovulation resumed when they underwent cognitive behavioral therapy.
Domar's advice to clients she treats at the Domar Center for Complementary Healthcare at Boston IVF: "Don't put too much pressure on yourself. When you're ready to start trying for a baby, stop using birth control and have sex when you feel like it. Don't start in right away with the ovulation-predictor kits, and don't get regimented about when you do it. This will just cause more stress."

You've Heard That...If You Have Regular Periods, You Should Have No Problem Getting Pregnant
The truth: "Getting your period around the same day every month indicates that you're ovulating regularly, but it doesn't ensure that the eggs are good quality," explains Dr. Morris. Many things factor into fertility, including the health of your reproductive system. "Your fallopian tubes [through which the egg travels to get fertilized] could be blocked, and you'll still get regular monthly periods," says Dr. Leondires. Again, that means not just eating right and exercising but keeping your sexual health in top form. Be sure to visit your ob-gyn yearly for a Pap smear, STD screening, and cervical exam -- all of which screen for irregularities and infections so you can get treated for them before they affect your fertility.

You've Heard That...Having an Abortion Affects Your Ability to Get Pregnant
The truth: An abortion affects fertility only if you had a complication during or after the procedure. An infection, for example, can leave scar tissue on the uterus that could then interfere with egg implantation, says Dr. Morris.

You've Heard That...If You've Already Conceived Once and Had a Healthy Baby, Getting Pregnant Again Will Be a Cinch
The truth: "This is one of the biggest misconceptions my patients have," says Dr. Morris. "You're older the second time, and your reproductive system changes over the years," he says. New research shows that a guy's sperm quality also declines with age: A study of about 2,000 couples undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) found that pregnancy attempts were 70 percent more likely to fail if the man was 40 or older. So if you do plan on having more children, don't wait too long. If you're approaching age 35 -- or you're older --consider getting started on baby number two sooner rather than later.

You've Heard That...Having a Miscarriage Make It Harder to Conceive
The truth: Miscarriage, which occurs in 20 percent of all pregnancies -- doesn't affect a woman's ability to get pregnant, says Henry Lerner, MD, author ofMiscarriage: Why It Happens and How Best to Reduce Your Risks. In fact, experts say that in many cases, you can start trying to conceive again as soon as one month after the miscarriage. If you have three miscarriages in a row, however, it may be a sign of an underlying medical problem and your doctor should do tests to figure out if something's wrong.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jom Buat Checklist Amalan di Bulan Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt....

Mulan nak bagi credit pada atas fact yang yang amat berguna buat Mulan untuk check pada diri dan badan ini adakah berjalan dengan lancar atau sebaliknya.... Memang kita sebagai manusia amat lemah dan sering lalai dengan tanggungjawab kita terhadap Tuhan... Tanggungjawab sesama manusia sementelah lagi... kan... Kalau duniawi pun kita sering lupa akhirat apa lagi kan... Iblis/jin sudah berjanji dengan Tuhan untuk menyesatkan semua umat manusia hingga akhir zaman... Jadi, kitalah mangsa jin/iblis tersebut... 

Mari kita buat checklist ini : 

1) Solat Fardhu : Lengkapkah segala-galanya?

First of all, adakah sudah cukup lengkap solat fardhu kita lima waktu setiap hari?

2) Solat-solat sunat: Sejauh mana kita sanggup melakukannya?

Adakah kita pernah menunaikan solat-solat sunat sepanjang hidup kita? Jika pernah, bagaimana halnya dengan solat sunat di sepanjang bulan Ramadhan ini?
Kerapkah kita melaksanakannya? Dan mampukah kita untuk meneruskan tradisi solat sunat ini setelah tamatnya Ramadhan?
Rasulullah S.A.W dan para sahabat banyak melakukan solat sunat terutamanya solat malam sehingga bengkak-bengkak kaki Baginda kerana Rasulullah S.A.W terlalu lama berdiri menunaikan solat malam. Rasulullah yang telah dijanjikan Syurga pun tetap melakukan solat sunat setiap malam kerana cintanya terhadap Allah.
Jadi persoalannya di sini, cintakah kita kepada Allah? Jika cinta, mulakan lakukan solat sunat. Mulakan dengan sebulan sekali dan kerapkan hingga kita lali melakukannya setiap hari.

3) Membaca al-Quran : Syafaat yang pasti!

Al-Quran? Sedihnya terdapat generasi muda zaman sekarang yang mengaku Islam tetapi tidak tahu membaca al-Quran. Lebih sedih lagi ada yang mengaku tidak pernah buka dan pegang al-Quran! Salah siapa kah jika perkara ini terjadi?
Maka kita yang reti serba sedikit tajwid dan cara untuk membaca al-Quran ini harus bersyukur kerana Allah telah memberi nikmat kepada kita iaitu nikmat berupa al-Quran, syafaat yang pasti untuk kita di akhirat kelak!
Mari kita semak, sudah banyak mana kita baca al-Quran sepanjang Ramadhan ini? Jika sudah khatam alhamdulillah. Syukur. Tetapi boleh tak sekiranya kita teruskan amalan membaca al-Quran ini dimasa-masa akan datang? Semuanya bergantung pada hati.. sucikanlah hati.

4) Bersedekah: Tangan yang memberi lebih baik daripada yang menerima. 

Besar syafaat nya memberi derma pada orang lain di Bulan Ramadhan ini.

p/s : Jadi macam mana amalan-amalan kita? Sudah elokkah semuanya? Lengkapkah persiapan kita menghadap Ilahi? Ataupun persiapan raya lebih lengkap?
Akhirat itu benar..
Syurga itu benar...
Dan Neraka itu benar...

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Since Mulan amat berminat dengan family Kardashian nieh, Mulan suka lah search ape2 pasal diorang... Mulan pun taktau kenapa Mulan suka sangat dengan family nieh... It`s began when I start to watch a drama Tv series Keeping Up With The Kardashian... First impression makes I fall in love with them... Sebab semua nya tanpa skrip... That`s a reality...

Masa mula-mula tengok dulu Kylie n Kendall masih kecik lagi... Sekarang dah besar... Kendall 15, Kylie 13 years... But they look matured than their old.. Jom baca ape diorang cakap pasal drama series Keeping Up With The Kardashian...

click to enlarge

temuramah oleh Teen Vogue

TEEN VOGUEKeeping Up with the Kardashians debuted in 2007. What was your initial reaction to having your lives filmed?
KENDALL JENNER: I've always been a shy person, so all the attention around my family was weird in the beginning. But we've come out of our shells, and now it's cool for people to see how we've grown.
KYLIE JENNER: It's our lifestyle now—it's just normal.
TEEN VOGUE: Is your family accurately portrayed on the show?
KENDALL JENNER: That's literally us. We wake up in the morning, and the cameras are there. We go to sleep at night, and they're still right there. It's reality. We don't have scripts.
TEEN VOGUE: Any moments you wish hadn't been caught on camera?
KENDALL JENNER: I've looked back at episodes from the first season where I'm wearing some of the craziest stuff—like green jeans. I don't know what I was thinking!
TEEN VOGUE: How would you describe your style now?
KYLIE JENNER: I like to mix edgy and boho. Nicole Richie has great fashion sense.
KENDALL JENNER: I'm trendy, but with an edge. At home I wear sweats. But when I go out, I'll wear jeans and a cute jacket or a minidress. I used to wear heels more, but at five ten, I just tower over everyone, so I've been going for flats lately.
TEEN VOGUE: Do you have any fashion muses?
KENDALL JENNER: I love all my sisters' styles. They can just put stuff together and make it really cute.
KYLIE JENNER: My sisters and my mom, for sure! I take ideas from all of them, and then make it my own. I especially love Kourtney's style because she wears what she wants and she rocks it. She lets me come over to her house and pick out whatever I want. I always borrow her jeans.
KENDALL JENNER: Whenever our sisters are done with clothes, they give me and Kylie stuff. Khloé has my shoe size, so I've gotten some amazing Louboutins from her. And Kim gave me a black snakeskin Balenciaga bag for my birthday that I'm in love with.
TEEN VOGUE: I guess it pays to have a family full of girls! Do you two share clothes with each other?
KYLIE JENNER: Um, I wouldn't call it sharing—more like stealing!
KENDALL JENNER: Kylie goes shopping literally every day, so I'm always finding new things in her closet.

Renungan di Bulan Puasa


Mulan nak bagi credit pada amy sebab Mulan dah copy keratan fb dari blog beliau... Mehla baca... Amat berkesan untuk kita sesama fikirkan bila kita yang malas nak menutup aurat ini ditegur oleh seorang yang dikenali sebagai Muslimah.... 

Mulan pun terasa gaks sebab Mulan bukan perfect sangat... kekadang tu ada yang terlepas pandang... Takpe,sesame kita berubah untuk menjadi lebih baik dari hari ke hari...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mulan Nak Header Baru

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Memandangkan header Mulan yang ala-ala segan mati tak mahu tu, Mulan decide nak tukar header blog yang baru la... Ada la blog yang Mulan dok usha-usha yang boleh bantu Mulan nieh tp belum dapat reply lagi... Mulan perlukan pakar artwork untuk design kan doodle dan header yang santek seantero dunia... Kalau u all boleh bagi link blogger terhebak, termurah, terkreatif, terkesima (tetibe) yang boleh buat header dan doodle sila bgtau Mulan eh... (dengan nada paksaan)

Header ni Mulan buat dah awal tahun dulu kot... Guna GIMP 2... Masa ni baru belajar nak main-main dengan GIMP... Tak pernah hayat buat artwork ni taw.... Abesla semua colour Mulan nak bubuh... Tapi nak bagitau la kat kau, memang susah sangat nak buat... Actually tak susah tapi kena ketelitian, kesabaran yang tinggi dan kekreatifan otak untuk menghasilkan cipataan yang marvellous...... Kalau kau jenis gopoh maka tak jadi lah nanti artwork kau tue... 

nota kaki : saper boleh tolong Mulan nie?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

5 Ways To Lose 5 Pounds

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Selamat Berpuasa... Uarghhh pagi tadi tak terbangun sahur... Sedar-sedar dah pukul 6.45am... Adoii...
Takpela takde rezeki... Memang tak masak semalam sebab suami bawak makan kat luar... So, berhajatlah nak sahur roti n milo panas ajer... Tapi hampeh, 2-2 tak jaga... 

Apa yang kita inginkan pada Bulan Ramadhan ini selain dari pahala dan keberkatan puasa yang kita dapat?Mesti nak kurus kan... Sebenarnya memang boleh kurus dengan puasa nieh... Tapi boleh ke kita continue sampai 4-5 bulan straight? Takdo makna nya... 

Mulan nak tunjukkan 5 cara nak kurangkan 5 pounds? Melalui sumber yang boleh dipercayai Mulan translate kan untuk kamu-kamu yea... 

1. Drink more water
Minum air dengan banyak... Penyelidik dari Persatuan Kimia Amerika menunjukkan H20 boleh sebabkan selera makan terbantut... Para pendiet yang mengamalkan selama 12 minggu kehilangan 5 pounds. Bukan itu sahaja manfaat air tapi aqua yang terkandung di dalam air boleh memberikan tenaga kepada kita... Tenaga ini berkeupayaan untuk membakar kalori tambahan jika senaman dilakukan... Para peminat minuman bergas boleh bakar lebih kurang 200 kalori jika digantikan dengan air kosong/bermineral.

2. Say No to a Side of Fries or Potato Chips
Katakan tak nak pada kentang goreng atau potato chips. 1 kajian selama 4 tahun yang dilakukan kentang-kentang ini mengandungi lemak tepu. Bayangkan 1 bungkus kerepek sederhana mempunyai 380 kalori sementara 1 ouns potato chips mempunyai 150 kalori. So, gantikanlah dengan buah-buah dan sayur-sayuran segar yang boleh memberikan tenaga dan paling penting selamatkan dari beratus-ratus kalori... Go girl.. Tapi cekedis-cekedis nilah yang paling kita suka kan???

3.  Cut Down on Added Sugars
Rachel Johnson, RD, PhDseorang professor pemakanan di University of Vermont mengatakan purata rakyat Amerika menambah 475 kalori sehari... Lebih kurang macam Malaysia jugak kot... Jika pengiraan Matematik dilakukan, sebenarnya kita boleh mengelakkan ribuan kalori dalam masa seminggu... Banyak tu babe... Public Health Nutrition juga  menyokong fakta tersebut bila kajian yang dibuat menunjukkan gula adalah faktor utama penambahan berat badan di antara tahun 1977 hingga 2007... Tips untuk beli biskut pulak kau boleh tengok kat label setiap pek bungkusan itu... Tengok perkataan "ose" (biochemical) means "selamat" digunakan... Contohnya sucrose, dextrose, fructose, and maltose, and the word syrup... Perkataan manis hindarkan..

4.Beware of Hidden Calories
Tempat-tempat fast food contohnya seperti McD, Pizza Hut, KFC tu bukan Mulan kata tak boleh pergi tapi hadkan... Ermmm... N jangan tertipu dengan label menu yang diberikan kerana kajian yang dibuat menunjukkan lebih 100-500 hidden kalori yang dimanipulate kan... Tipu lah tu kan...

5. Move More
Berjalan kaki sebanyak 1000 tapak sehari boleh bakarkan kalori kau tau... Yea,berita baik untuk Mulan sebab Mulan jalan kaki je g sekolah... Ehemm... syok-syok... Kalau kau tak suka berjalan, kau boleh jugak buat senaman-senaman lain yang kau suka... Contoh tarian ke, main permainan yang banyak movement atau sukan yang kau suka main... 

nota kaki : 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Betullah Mereka Bercinta


Rasanya umum dah tahu pasal hubungan Yusry dan Lisa Surihani... Mereka juga tidak sembunyikan perasaan hati mereka kepada masyarakat... Since, they not hiding from the reporter to "korek" the cerita and fulfill the photography session... Wah, camni lah kan... Dua-dua sama padan... Sama cantik dan cerdik... 

Ini kata dari Yusry 

"Memang kami berkawan lebih daripada biasa, tetapi saya tidak mahu kami digelar pasangan kekasih kerana perhubungan kami adalah matang. Kalau sebut kekasih, saya rasa seperti cinta monyet atau zaman muda-muda dulu yang pernah saya alami. Lainlah kalau sudah bertunang atau berkahwin.
"Apa yang boleh saya cakapkan, saya serius dengan hubungan ini dan kami bercinta cara orang dewasa, bukan lagi seperti orang yang ingin mencuba nasib dalam perhubungan. 
Kami memang serius."
"Status hubungan itu tidak perlulah nak jelaskan, harap berikan kami ruang sebelum kami boleh berikan jawapan yang konkrit. Sebenarnya bila saya disoal mengenai Yusry sebelum ini, bukan saya tidak mahu menjawab tetapi tidak manis untuk seorang perempuan yang mula bercakap mengenai hubungan, biarlah lelaki yang memulakannya dulu," ujar Lisa.

"Sebelum saya keluarkan kenyataan, kami berbincang terlebih dahulu dan apa sahaja yang saya katakan sebelum ini hasil perbincangan saya dengannya," kata Yusry.

“Kami berdua umpama hidup di bawah mikroskop, ke mana sahaja kami pergi dan lakukan, akan menjadi bahan perhatian bualan, kami terima kerana itu jalan hidup yang kami pilih. Sebagai manusia saya sendiri tidak tahu sejauh mana, hubungan kami boleh pergi.

“Kami dalam proses mengenal hati budi, tetapi orang sudah bertanya bila nak bertunang dan berkahwin. Mana saya boleh jawab kerana saya sendiri tidak pasti sejauh mana hubungan kami boleh pergi.
“Saya pun tidak mahu bercakap lebih-lebih kerana biasanya tiga bulan pertama dalam hubungan semuanya indah-indah belaka, jika hubungan kami tidak menjadi, yang jadi mangsanya adalah kami berdua. Sebab itu saya perlu berjaga-jaga dengan apa yang saya perkatakan," luah Yusry lagi.

“Saya kalau boleh tidak mahu heboh-heboh, nanti orang cakap apa pula sedangkan kamu baru sahaja berkawan. Tetapi saya hormati pihak media yang bertanya, jadi saya hanya jawab yang termampu. Kami tidak mahu jadi hipokrit,” kata Lisa.

"Dia seorang yang merendah diri dan senang berbincang. Sebab itu usia bukanlah menjadi penghalang buat kami. Kami selesa menjadi diri sendiri ketika bertemu, dia tidak perlu menjadi muda untuk saya, dan saya tidak perlu berlagak seperti wanita yang lebih berusia ketika bersama dia," tutur Lisa yang kini berusia 25 tahun, manakala Yusry berusia 37 tahun.

"Ya, kami macam pasangan yang lain juga, kami suka menonton wayang dan habiskan waktu yang terluang bersama. Mula-mula dulu, ibu Lisa akan teman dia tetapi sekarang kami sudah mula keluar berdua," jawab Yusry dengan jujur.

Nota kaki : Mula doakan mereka bahagia...

sumber : kosmo

Shopping Shopping

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