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Monday, August 22, 2011

Kylie & Kendall Jenner

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Since Mulan amat berminat dengan family Kardashian nieh, Mulan suka lah search ape2 pasal diorang... Mulan pun taktau kenapa Mulan suka sangat dengan family nieh... It`s began when I start to watch a drama Tv series Keeping Up With The Kardashian... First impression makes I fall in love with them... Sebab semua nya tanpa skrip... That`s a reality...

Masa mula-mula tengok dulu Kylie n Kendall masih kecik lagi... Sekarang dah besar... Kendall 15, Kylie 13 years... But they look matured than their old.. Jom baca ape diorang cakap pasal drama series Keeping Up With The Kardashian...

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temuramah oleh Teen Vogue

TEEN VOGUEKeeping Up with the Kardashians debuted in 2007. What was your initial reaction to having your lives filmed?
KENDALL JENNER: I've always been a shy person, so all the attention around my family was weird in the beginning. But we've come out of our shells, and now it's cool for people to see how we've grown.
KYLIE JENNER: It's our lifestyle now—it's just normal.
TEEN VOGUE: Is your family accurately portrayed on the show?
KENDALL JENNER: That's literally us. We wake up in the morning, and the cameras are there. We go to sleep at night, and they're still right there. It's reality. We don't have scripts.
TEEN VOGUE: Any moments you wish hadn't been caught on camera?
KENDALL JENNER: I've looked back at episodes from the first season where I'm wearing some of the craziest stuff—like green jeans. I don't know what I was thinking!
TEEN VOGUE: How would you describe your style now?
KYLIE JENNER: I like to mix edgy and boho. Nicole Richie has great fashion sense.
KENDALL JENNER: I'm trendy, but with an edge. At home I wear sweats. But when I go out, I'll wear jeans and a cute jacket or a minidress. I used to wear heels more, but at five ten, I just tower over everyone, so I've been going for flats lately.
TEEN VOGUE: Do you have any fashion muses?
KENDALL JENNER: I love all my sisters' styles. They can just put stuff together and make it really cute.
KYLIE JENNER: My sisters and my mom, for sure! I take ideas from all of them, and then make it my own. I especially love Kourtney's style because she wears what she wants and she rocks it. She lets me come over to her house and pick out whatever I want. I always borrow her jeans.
KENDALL JENNER: Whenever our sisters are done with clothes, they give me and Kylie stuff. Khloé has my shoe size, so I've gotten some amazing Louboutins from her. And Kim gave me a black snakeskin Balenciaga bag for my birthday that I'm in love with.
TEEN VOGUE: I guess it pays to have a family full of girls! Do you two share clothes with each other?
KYLIE JENNER: Um, I wouldn't call it sharing—more like stealing!
KENDALL JENNER: Kylie goes shopping literally every day, so I'm always finding new things in her closet.

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