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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buffered Earning Kot

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Actually Last two weeks kot Mulan ada check current earning kat Nuffnang.... Mulan found something strange/odd/weird in that earning... Inikah yang disebut-sebut oleh blogger "buffered earning"? Mulan check and seeing this kind of "table"... Maybe yea kot... Sebab kat bawah dia ada Metered Earning and Campaigns... Even tak sampai sehinggit pun takpe lah babe... Mulan rasa syukur lah jugak tengok ada peningkatan dari Earning ni kan dari takde langsung.... Saper nak bagi kat kan...

CTR takde pun... 2%... hekhek..

CTR tu ape yea?
CTR tu Click Through Ratio... Mr Nuff kata :
To reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

Dalam kita click-click tu ada benda yang perlu kita ambil berat... There`s a do and don`t in the term of conditions...

Ia adalah :

    Do :

  • Get updates via the Nuffnang blogFacebook and Twitter! We have lots of contests, movie screenings and awesome promotions exclusively for Nuffnangers and we throw great parties too, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements there.
  • Be a part of Innit, Nuffnang's very own blog aggregator! Innit is available to all Glitterati Nuffnangers, and there you can share topics you find interesting with your fellow Nuffnangers, and read interesting articles from them as well. It's a great place to make friends! :)

    Don't :

  • There's really only one big "don't" when it comes to Nuffnang, and that would be to commit click fraud. Click fraud is defined as manipulating the number of clicks on ads, e.g. by clicking repeatedly on them, resetting your IP, or encouraging others to do so. While you're more than welcome to click on your own ads if you're genuinely interested in the products/services offered, manipulating your click count is a breach of Nuffnang's terms of service.
  • Bloggers who commit click fraud will have their earnings revoked, or even banned for repeat offenders. This is how we feel when we see click fraud occurring - :( :( :( We're not happy when we have to ban bloggers or revoke their earnings because of click fraud, so play nice, okay?

Dengar tue..? -Nuffnang sangat berbesar hati kalau kita sentiasa update apa-apa contest yang dianjurkan oleh Nuffnang customer dan sharing any contest via Facebook, Tweeter or blog or whatever social web... -Jadi apart of Innit.. Dalam Innit kita boleh sharing any topic yang kita post dalam entry-entry kita...  Tapi make sure u adalah Glitteratti...

Nuffnang sangat "marah" jika kita buat kita lakukan internet fraud... iaitu clicking on advertisement repeatedly,  resetting Ip address dan menyuruh kawan-kawan/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/mak ayah kita click on that advertisement... They can simply detect your account... You can even be bailed in "prison" for a temporary period...  Prison means u takkan dapat status "Glitteratti" iaitu status yang boleh meningkatkan Buffered Earning and Metered Earning u... So, play nice okeh!

Thanks Mr Nuffy for tha great prizes...


  1. eh...macam kenal la makcik nih...hahaha... boleh la belikan aku psp satu...dah dpt BE nih...

  2. ijan : of course u kenal i kan... eleh, ko lagi hebakkk laa...

  3. All true :) I got 5 Buffered Earning after a month blogging! :D


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