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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super Sunday

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Last day, Sunday, I would like to say as a bored day... Just me alone at home... I wake up at 9am and prepare a breakfast for hubby... My hubby went to work on Sunday??? Really? Yeah, that`s right... He`s doing a business by his own and he struggle to work everyday when needed... So, me as his wife is pretty much understand with his condition... No work means no money....

So, what might I do when stay alone?

First : clean up my house
Second : Clean a cloth and dry it
Third : Cook for a lunch, a simple lunch - ayam sambal + telur mata + air asam - my hubby said sedap... huhu
Fourth : Play a PSP, of course my SIms to unlock the new task
Fifth : laid on carpet and seeing a ceiling... without any interest or fun on my ceiling though...
Sixth : eat jeruk mangga...
Seventh : Feeling the indulgence of an ice cream

Eat jeruk mangga is the best among 7th item above... I made it myself tau.... Senang jer nak buat...
Where I took that mangga? I take it in front of my house... There`s a mango tree in  front in my house... The owner is my neighbor next door... We called "pak aji", the owner... Pak aji ask us to take it how much we want... U know right now is "musim mangga".... So, melayut-layut la buahnya... Mana tak geram babe... Nyum nyum...

At 9pm, I went out myself to 99 Speedmart to buy an ice cream... I`m craving for ice cream... Help me... !!!

Let`s check my picture below... Stay cute u all... da da...

Senang ajer nak buat jeruk mangga,,, campur garam + gula ... No water added oke..

Sims 2..

kunun nak makan dengan chopstick... hehe

Mulan put up a nuts... Yummy

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